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April Fool’s Day

I wish this April Fool’s Day was a prank. I mean, can we say “Just Kidding!” and this all be a cruel joke?  I want

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Is that you Rona???

  This is the FB meme I kept seeing in March.  It became a running joke in our house.  If anyone coughed or sneezed we

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A New Decade of Adventures

Well, 2020 is here.  Whoo-hoo!  365 days full of new adventures and possibilities.  What could be better?? Uh, not much.  That’s pretty awesome stuff! I

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Nothing like November

I love November.  Love, love, love it! November usually involves cool mornings and warm-ish days.  The leaves are changing.  Maylin has a birthday, which she

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Is it Really 96 in October????

October started out hot.  Really hot.  96 degrees worth of hot actually.  That’s insane for fall weather!  But it couldn’t last forever.  And it didn’t. 

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September is Swell

September is Swell?  Did I really just write that as a title?  That sounds so weird because that is not something that I would normally

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