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Well, December 2018 turned out to be quite the perfect combination for Mother Nature to dump loads of snow on us. I kept hearing it

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Dashing thru December

December is always a crazy busy month for everyone I think. Thanksgiving holidays are behind you but you are facing a MOUNTAIN of Christmas parties,

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Not a Normal November

Rain, rain, rain.  That’s about the best way to sum up the beginning, middle and end of November.  Lots and lots of rain all the

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Where is Fall Y’all?

Where in the world is fall, yall?  Seriously, I found myself asking that question repeatedly when I was trying to work outside in shorts and

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A September to Remember

September started out crazy…and it continued pretty much the same way the entire month long.  But, boy was it a fun month!  Whoo-hoo!!!  Well, the

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Kudzu???? Really???

So the beginning of August brought a lot of rain that made the grass beautifully lush, but also made the weeds try to pop up

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August Already??

How can it be August already???  I mean, summer just started….like yesterday!  And now summer is ending.  ARRGGG…. I really, really don’t like that.  As

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July.  Just July as a title.  Yeah, that about sums up the enthusiasm I have at this point in the summer.  I am always exhausted

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Where Did June Go????

June always seems so far away and then it somehow manages to sneak up on me.  Boo!  Then, I blink and June is over which

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