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A Real Farm! Or Not…

Did you know that if you have a farm you can get a tax id number if you have over 10 acres of land and make a small amount off your land each year?  Yep, it helps you out when buying supplies and better yet, it helps cut your tax bill Way down each year.  That sounds awesome to me!

As soon as we bought the farm we tried to get a tax id, but we were told we had to wait 2 whole years!  Well, you know me and patience… However, we bought the farm in December 2 years ago, so it’s time to get that number and save some moo-lah!  We realized this on December 4.  Can you believe that I forgot about it for 4 whole days??? Maybe I am learning patience!! Hah!

Well, December was a crazy month for us.  Let’s be honest, December is a crazy month for everyone!!  We certainly weren’t the exception there.  We kept trying to get to town with all the paperwork so we could apply for the tax id number.  Every time we tried something crazy happened.  It’s Carter Crazy again!

The first time Jim headed that way, Maylin threw up in the car with him.  Yeah, that ended that trip real quick.  A few days later, Jim tried to go by on his way home.  He didn’t make it because he got a flat tire.  I thought I would give it a try.  The car wouldn’t start!  I am not kidding!  We had to have the fuel pump replaced.  After that we tried several more times to make it to the tax place.  Nope, everytime something came up.  It was completely Carter Crazy.   Finally, just before Christmas, Jim made it up there to find out that the person we needed to meet with was on a 2 week vacation.  Wow, that sounds lovely!  Please enjoy your vacation for people like me who desperately need a break!!!

So, we waited and went back on January 2nd.  Well, that meeting didn’t go as planned.  Let me pause to give you a little backstory here.  When we bought the land we met with a very nice lady who told us we needed to wait 2 years.  Okay, that was harsh for us to hear, but rules are rules.  So, in June of this year we were trying to get our ducks in a row before we started building our house.  We went to see the very nice lady again and she told us exactly what we needed and even sent us the paperwork.  She also told us that she was retiring before the end of the year and that we would be dealing with someone else in December.  She kinda fell in love with Jim though and wanted to make sure everything was in order come December.  She told us exactly what we needed and even organized all the papers and paperwork for Jim.  All we had to do was wait until December and go back up there.  Great!  We thought we were set.  Well….things changed.

When Jim went in January, he gave them the paperwork and things seemed great…….Until they realized the source of our income.  To qualify for a farm you have to make $1000 a year off your farm or $2000 in the last 2 years.  We gave them our logging receipts.  Cutting the trees when we first bought the farm had provided us a little over that amount.  The nice lady we spoke with back in June had already told us that logging qualified as a farm income.  Well, maybe not.  Or not anymore…

The new head honcho is a “by the book” kinda person.  She interprets farming as growing crops on a yearly basis or selling livestock to be considered a farm.  Well, poop.  I wish we had been told that earlier in the year.  The new lady was very kind and apologetic to us.  She said several people had been misinformed over the last few years, but she couldn’t change that.  She was so kind, it was hard to be upset with her.  But we did have to wait another whole year to get a farm id.  Wow.  We aren’t a real farm yet.  That’s disappointing to say the least.  But on the bright side, Jim will make sure that we get livestock out there this year.   That way we can sell them by the end of the year to make the necessary money to get our tax ID in December.   He is a man on a mission.  I do hope his plans work better than mine do though….

Jim didn’t want the day to be a total waste so he went to Soil and Water next.  We were fencing pastures for Desi and Minnie along the driveway and down in front of the creek.  We were trying to keep them out of the creek to protect the waterways.  And as Maylin often reminds us,”to protect the baby crayfish from getting stepped on by cattle or horses”.  Yes, dear, that too.

We were told Soil and Water could help us with that.  Well…..Did you know that to have soil and water help you by fencing around the creeks, you first have to let the animals into the creek to cause damage.  Isn’t that what we were trying to prevent in the first place?  Well, poop again!

They appreciated our plans to fence around the creeks and told us to continue.  Then, put up a temporary fence on the other side of the creek and let the animals in the creek for a few weeks and call them out there.  What???  Once they document damage to the creek they will come re-fence along the creeks for us with permanent fencing.  Is it me, or does that not make much sense?

Again, they were very nice so Jim shook hands and left.  I understand that rules are rules but ???  At the very least, we expected to have to pay for the fencing around the creeks up front and then they would reimburse us after they properly fenced and protected the creeks.  Nope, it doesn’t work that way.

So, Maylin has taken up yoga.  Camden decided to give it a try too.  I don’t think the dog is really interested at all.  However, I think I need to start yoga to relax and unwind…

I know farming isn’t easy, but today has been a confusing day.  And more than a little disappointing.  It must be a Monday.  Tomorrow will be better.  Yes, tomorrow will definitely be better!  Tomorrow will be one day closer to us moving to our new farm!  Yep, that’s the bright side in all of this!!  I guess we will have the entire year to figure out a way to make the necessary money by December to qualify for a real farm.

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