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The Trusses Arrive!!

The day we had been waiting for finally arrived.  FINALLY!  The trusses finally came the following week!  I was soooo excited!  And nervous!  Really nervous.  Tropical storm Harvey had just made landfall in Texas and the mositure was headed our way later in the week.  Jim and Scott really wanted to push to get the roof on the house before we received several inches of rain.  It was all set up though.  No worries.  They had a plan!!  And those always go well for us, right?  Yeah!  I know you’re laughing right now.  I don’t blame you at all.

The trusses were delivered on Tuesday morning and Scott was going to work all day to get them ready to be put up first thing Wednesday morning.  Then the roofing guys were coming Wednesday afternoon.  Yep, it was all planned out perfectly.  What could possibly go wrong??

Look at those lovely trusses!  Just waiting to be put up!!

Except it didn’t go perfectly!  Not even close…That shouldn’t really be a surprise, should it??  Again, feel free to laugh.  I’m sure one day I will look back on all this and laugh.  I’m just not sure I’m at the laughing stage yet…

When Scott started measuring and double checking the trusses he discovered that 2 of the trusses were wrong.  They were too short!  You have got to be kidding me!!  Nope!  After all this time and the trusses were wrong??!??!  No one was happy.  Yet, it was almost hysterical to have this much trouble from a silly stack of wooden trusses!

Scott called the truss company and was assured the trusses were correct.  It was some new design that they assured him would work.  Scott didn’t agree.  And he was furious!  So, he headed to town to talk to them in person.  I’m really glad we didn’t have to go with him.  He was not a happy camper!  And I was more than a little afraid to talk to him at the moment.

He had to talk with 3 different people and show them pictures of the trusses, blueprints and measurements before he got to talk to the “head boss”.  The boss took one look at the pictures, our floor plans and said, “This is crazy!  It won’t work.”  Well, duh!

Scott called to tell us that he could draw an elephant on our roof, but that didn’t mean he was stupid enough to do it!  I nearly laughed out loud, but the tone of his voice kept me silent.  I’m not completely sure where he was going with the elephant comment, but he was still a little too mad to question.  Maybe in a few weeks I’ll revisit that comment.  If all goes smoothly…

The head honcho at the truss company promised to have the 2 trusses made first thing on Wednesday and delivered no later than 9am.  Maybe we could still get the trusses up and the roof on before the rain hit Wednesday night.  It would take a miracle, no doubt, but we were hoping and praying for a miracle.  Hey, it could happen!

These 2 trusses caused us a world of trouble.  Hopefully they will be the start to our barn in a few months though.  The truss company didn’t have room to load them back on the truck so they gave them to us.  Well, wasn’t that nice? 

I headed out there Wednesday after lunch and there was no one there.  Where was Scott?  Dear Lord, please tell me the man didn’t walk off the job already!  Where was the crane guy?  The roofing guys?  Hello?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Nope, no one was there.

Just before Jim got out there I realized why no one was there.  The new trusses hadn’t been delivered yet.  Without those 2 trusses no one could do anything!  For me, it was a laugh or cry situation.  So, I laughed myself silly.  Then the kids and I made jokes and talked about keeping the braces on the house so we could have our own storage building that doubled as a ramp for Jim’s crazy bike/skateboard tricks.  We all laughed a while and then headed home again.  That’s all we could do.  Laugh or go crazy.  Since I’m already crazy, I may as well laugh!

Ok, this is jumping ahead some…

..A lot ahead, really, but it shows the pictures of the braces on the side of the house.  Maylin had grand plans for a tepee, and Jim imagined a ramp for his toys.  Jim gets a little crazy sometimes and does silly stunts like jumping a bike off a roof.  Yes, he is crazy.  But then again so am I!  As you can see we did eventually get the roof on though!!!

When we got home around 4 that afternoon, the Truss company called and said they had just delivered the trusses.  I personally think they need a new watch, but at least the trusses were finally there!  But the rain was almost here too.  The rain was supposed to start that night and last through Friday evening.  Monday was Labor day and the crane guy and roofing guys weren’t working.  So we were back to waiting another whole week until Tuesday before the trusses could be put on.  At least we had the right trusses now, right?

Hey, I’m trying to look at the bright side here!

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