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Still Waiting on the Trusses

We waited for 2 weeks on those silly, but much needed trusses. We couldn’t very well build the house with out them now could we?  I mean, we really needed a roof!  So, we had no choice but to wait on them.  So we waited….and waited….And the day finally arrived!!!

On Wednesday morning, Jim met Scott out there and they waited for the trusses to be delivered. The plan was for the trusses to be delivered on Wednesday, the crane would put them up on Thursday and the roof and shingles would be going up by Friday.  Great plan!  We were all so excited!!  Whoo-hoo!!  This was finally happening people!

Then, Scott’s phone rang.  Of course it wasn’t good news!  The truss company had been having some trouble with their saws and had to replace them.  That had put them behind obviously.  They weren’t going to be delivering the trusses that day because they hadn’t even been made yet!  Are you kidding me?? Are you kidding me, people????  When Jim called me I was more than a little frustrated!  Couldn’t they have called the day before so Jim didn’t schedule to be off that day?  Apparently not!  Obviously they don’t know me or they would have realized that I needed time to deal with my disappointment and frustration?  Last minute cancellations like that are not good for emotional people like myself!  What is wrong with these people????

However, they were very nice and even called Jim to apologize personally.  Well, now…that made me feel like a tree stump for some of my less than kind thoughts.  I mean, calling Jim personally was a pretty awesome thing to do.  I immediately regretted all the things I had imagined yelling at them.  Hey, I’m only human here people and I’m running really low on patience these days!

But, we were back to waiting…. Have I mentioned that I’m tired of waiting already? Yeah, sorry. I’ve probably said that a few hundred times now.

I took a walk to the back of the property that day and found this beautiful clearing just in front of the big creek.  It is so beautiful back there!!  The coyotes I stumbled upon apparently thought so too.  I must be more careful next time….Wyle E. Coyote and gang might not be so friendly next time!

So, while we waited for the trusses to be built and delivered, Jim decided to rent a ditch witch and get ahead on some of the plumbing that weekend.  We felt like we were getting so behind on the schedule that anything to get ahead would be great.  Renting a ditch witch to run the water lines from the well to the house and the sewer lines from the house to the septic seemed like a good idea. Right?  Well, maybe not.

Apparently, some people want to inspect the inside plumbing first.  Who does that?  Oh yeah, the building inspectors!  So that idea went out the window.  Back to waiting…and doing nothing apparently.

While we were looking at all the inside plumbing that needed to be done, I realized that the shower was too big.  It was supposed to be a small shower.  A very small 30X32 shower.  It wasn’t.  It was framed for a 36X40.  Big problem!  With a 40” wall for the shower, the washer and dryer wouldn’t fit in front of the shower!  Well, actually it would fit but the door wouldn’t open and you would only have about 8-10 inches of room to get out of the shower before you hit the washer.  That was not ideal at all!  I am a clumsy and awkward person by nature, so putting me in a tight and awkward space like that and then adding water for me to slip….Well, that just guarantees an accident that likely involves me falling.  Not so much fun.

After realizing the dimensions were wrong, I took a deep breath…and then, I panicked!  Surely, you were expecting that?  It is me!  And I have been known to overreact and panic a few times.  Ok, more than a few times…but who’s counting?  And please don’t ask Jim how often I act irrationally.  He might actually have a number in his head.  And that would be embarrassing!

We didn’t even have a roof on the house and we were going to have to ask the builder to tear down a wall?!!??? Um, NO, no, no, no NO!!!

We looked at other options like stackable washer and dryers and even RV washer and dryers.  None of them were great solutions.  Mostly because none of them would fit in that small of a space and leave room for the door to open.

Then, Scott suggested moving the washer and dryer over to where the sink was going to be.  Well, that threw me for a loop!  I’ve had an image of this house in my mind for months now and here he is trying to get me to see another image???  No, Scott doesn’t really know me that well!

However, his idea seemed to be a really good one and we wouldn’t have to tear down a wall.  The more we thought about it the more we liked his idea actually.  Moving the washer and dryer over gave us more space for shelves, which we would really need in such a small house.  Our builder is brilliant!  He’s officially my building hero!  Now if he could just help hurry up those trusses he could be a brilliant builder superhero!  Wow, that’s a mouth full!

I think I need more sleep….or maybe a day off.  Better yet, someone please send me on vacation!!!!


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