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The Framing begins…almost..

The concrete was poured on a Monday and we had to wait at least 3 days before we could start building.  Sure, no problem….Well, our builder, Scott, was on vacation and not due back until Saturday, so we really had to wait 7 days to start building!  AHHH!!

Somehow we made it through the week!

 Actually, sunrises like this are how I made it through the week.  Isn’t that beautiful!?!? 

We left a message with Scott to let us know what the next step was and when it would start. And…..Monday came and….. we didn’t hear from him.  How dare he?!!!  Thankfully, he called Monday night to make sure we were happy with the work so far.  Of course we were!  Then he asked how soon we wanted to get started on the framing.  Well, last week would have been nice actually, but everyone deserves a vacation, right?  He whole heartedly agreed, of course.

Scott doesn’t know us really well yet, so he didn’t realize that we were serious about starting the framing right away.  Once we told him we were ready, he was thrilled!  He asked us to meet him out there Tuesday afternoon to pay the bills for the plumbing and concrete and discuss the plans for the next step.  Yea!!

Tuesday afternoon came and Jim was already out there working on the dozer.  On the way out to the property Jim called and said we had an offer made on our other property.  To be honest, that was the last thing on my mind at the time.  It was August 1st, Cam’s birthday was coming up, his birthday party was that weekend, our 20th anniversary was the following week and so was my birthday as well as an Art Gala that Maleah was a part of.  And we were starting the building process, plus getting ready for school to start back…I kinda had a lot on my mind.  But to have an offer on our other land????  Whoo-hoo!!!!  That was exciting!  Super exciting!!  And a little distracting!  My tiny brain can only handle so much people!  Believe me, Jim will agree with me here!

A little over 6 weeks before, we had relisted with another realtor and they had had a lot of interest in our property.  The offer wasn’t a great offer, but it was good.  So we made a counter offer and tried to go on with our day as much as possible.  Tried was the key word in that last sentence!  I could barely contain my excitement let alone think or form a complete sentence!

I showed up at the farm a little before 4 and Scott was already there measuring things and doing “builder stuff” I suppose.  He asked us about windows and doors, door knobs, colors, and roofing.  I tried so hard to pay attention, but every time Jim’s phone rang I jumped out of my skin!  Jim told Scott what we were waiting on and he was genuinely excited for us.  He’s such a great guy.

The sunflowers were beautiful that day!  And of course, they were distracting to me as well.

Oh, look!  A pretty, yellow butterfly!  Wait, what did Scott just ask???

Finally, we finished working out the details with Scott and he told us that he was planning to order the supplies in the morning.  He hoped they would deliver by Friday and he planned to start on Monday.   Almost another week away.  I think I actually groaned out loud.  Another week of waiting!  I almost felt like I was wishing my life away by the weeks while building this house!  And we had barely just started!!!

However, we had a lot of other stuff going on in the next few weeks, so surely I can keep my mind on other things….Other things like excepting an offer on our other land!!  Yep, after a little negotiating we accepted a solid offer with terms that allowed us to close in 30 days!!!!  IN 30 DAYS!!!!  I couldn’t be more excited about that part!  If all works out well, the house will be framed, with windows, doors and a roof by the time we close on our land.  That means we will have the extra money to finish the house!  I love the way the Lord works.  His timing is perfect!


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