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Spring on the Farm

Spring is a beautiful time.  Spring in the country is Amazingly Beautiful!  Of course, you know me, I had to take gazillions of pictures of every single plant that was growing, pretty or not.  Then, I took pictures of flowers and buds on trees from every possible angle.  My kids were posed in front of flowers, trees, the growing grass, rocks, creeks, really anything you can imagine.  Oh sure, my kids didn’t mind for the first 10 minutes or so….then, it wasn’t so fun anymore.  I can’t imagine why?!?!  Party poopers.  Just kidding!  I realize I get a little carried away.  My kids just grow up too stinking fast!  So I try to take a gazillion and one pictures of them…everyday. 


This was Cam almost 2 years ago?  Thank goodness he is still a snuggly little stinker!  I have promised myself I will not shed tears while sharing old photos of the kiddos.  Nope, that is not a tear you see.  I just have super shiny eyes today… 


This was Maylin almost 4 years ago!  I want that time back now pleaseHas anyone seen the Kleenex box?  I think I have something in my eye…


  This was Maleah almost 17 years ago.  Where did that time go?  That just can’t be right…. Now do you see why I take so many pictures?  Time just flies by!  Oh dear, I must have something in my other eye…


  These pictures are a little more recent.  They were taken in spring 2016 but I can still see the changes in my kiddos in only a year.  Excuse me while I get some more Kleenex…apparently I have developed allergies or something… 

Anyway, once the kids got bored and moved on to other things, I kept taking pictures.  I took pictures of Everything!!!  So this post is a collection of all the pictures I took this spring.  I hope you enjoy pictures!  If not, you might want to skip this post!  I apologize and I will try to restrain myself in the next post.  (Try is the key word there in case you missed it!)

      I love yellow flowers.

I love multicolored flowers.

I love purple flowers.

  I love huge patches of flowers.

I love small flowers.

I love daffodils.  I mean, who doesn’t love daffodils?

  I love beautiful blooms.

  I even love pink blooms.  And that is saying ALOT because I really don’t like pink at all.  Except on blooms apparently!

  I love white blooms.  I love all blooms really.

  I love these trailing white blooms.  They actually look and smell lovely!  At least I think that’s what I was smelling at the time.  If not, then there is something else around that smells lovely!

  I love these beautiful purple blooms.

  I think there is a resounding theme of my loving basically everything that blooms in the spring.  Yes?  OK, I will move on now.

One of my favorite parts of spring was the grass that had began to grow!

It started out looking like this…

….and then it looked like this…

…and then it looked like this!

 Look at that lush grass!!!

Now it looks like this!!  Ok, to be honest, some of the grass looks like this.  Not all of the grass looks like this yet, but we’re working on it.  We have almost 20 acres of grass that looks really good!  Some is a little patchy and still needs some TLC, but considering that the Carter’s planted the grass and how we planted the grass…Well, it just looks amazing!!  (I’ll explain in the next post about our adventures of planting grass without a tractor.  And yes, it will be perfectly understandable to laugh at us!)



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