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Pouring the Concrete Slab

Normally weekends fly by for us.  Normally weekends are just way to short.  Until the weekend you are waiting to start your house.  Then the

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Starting the Foundation

In the middle of July, we were expecting the concrete guys to start work any day.  Really now, they could start at any minute.  

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Starting to build!

In late June, we had saved enough to start the building process!!!  Well, enough to start anyway. We called our builder Scott and met with him

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  In spring 2017, we really felt that the Lord was leading us to trust him.   Boy, can that be hard!  Sometimes the road the

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Adventure Memories

I have so many memories of different things that happened the first year or so after we bought the farm and started working on it. 

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To mow or not to mow?

Just a quick recap:  We had grass and I was so excited!!!  I won’t bore you with more pictures of grass yet, but I was

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Picking Up More Sticks

Well, it turns out when you have any part of your property logged you wind up with sticks everywhere.  When you knock over a tree

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