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More May Memories

Okay, so its the end of June and I’m still posting on May happenings.  One day I will finally catch up and stay caught up.

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  May.  That’s not really an exciting title is it?  Well, May might not sound exciting on paper, but it sure brought a lot of

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April Fool’s Day

Somewhere in the midst of all us getting the flu (and suffering it’s horrible effects for weeks on end!) Camden decicded to assert his independence. 

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Happy Hatch Day!

Well, 21 days is incredibly long to wait for a chick to hatch if you’re a kid….or if you’re ME!!!  But we did wait!  For

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Spring Chickens and Snow??

Well, March is kinda like my house, always unpredictable!!  This year March was no exception.  One day it was a bright, sunny, 70 degrees and

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Our Plans

So, Jim and I have had a few questions about our plans right now.  Well, really we’ve had a lot of questions.  Alot! How can

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