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More Progress

It’s really amazing to see some of the progress we’ve made on the farm!  Some days it seems like it’s taking forever, but when I look

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Carter Crazy

Once we knocked down all those pesky Virginia pines we had brush piles everywhere.  And I do mean EVERYWHERE!  Sorry-I tried to give you a

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The Old Homestead

I don’t know why I call this place The Old Homestead.  It just seems to fit for some reason to me.  It makes me think of people

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Patience and Prayer

The fall of 2016 brought a terrible drought and we couldn’t burn any of the piles we wanted.  We had to let them sit there and dry

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Naming the Farm

Antler Valley Farm.  How did we come up with that name?  It wasn’t easy.  Everyone had different ideas and the name was going to be

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We were making progress with the clearing!  Ok, ok, Saint Jim was making progress with the clearing.  The only real problem we had at that

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Saint Jim

I think I might have mentioned before that things went a little smoother when I didn’t watch Jim work on the dozer.  Well…..I somehow thought… that

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Under the leaves

So we were making lots of progress with the clearing and grading.  Ok, correction, JIM was making lots of progress with the clearing and grading. 

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