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A week of Burning

Disclaimer:  Just a heads up that this is a really long post.  Sorry!  If you need a good laugh and you’re short on time, feel

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Charging a Nickel

When we first bought this property it was completely wooded.  All the neighbors we talked to said it had always been wooded.  We were told

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The Well-Part 2

Drilling the well went perfectly.  Too perfectly.  Where was the Carter Crazy story?  I should’ve known something wasn’t right!  Well, come to find out the

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The Well

Once we decided that we were going to get started on the property we wanted to keep the ball rolling.  We thought that putting in

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The Power

We were excited to do something, (anything really), in the spring of 2017!!Sooooo, we decided we might as well call the power company and start there.  Why

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The First Inspection

We had decided to start on the building process.  We were going to take it one step at a time.  We planned to start with the building

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Antler Springs Farm?

In late March and April of 2017 we had several good rains followed by a couple weather fronts push through the area that brought a

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WE HAVE GRASS!!  WHOO-HOO!!!  Happy Dance time!  Yes, I know it’s silly to get excited about grass growing, but we have to have grass to have

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Spring on the Farm

Spring is a beautiful time.  Spring in the country is Amazingly Beautiful!  Of course, you know me, I had to take gazillions of pictures of

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