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Well, December 2018 turned out to be quite the perfect combination for Mother Nature to dump loads of snow on us. I kept hearing it referred to as “Snowmaggedon” so that’s what we shall call it as well. I don’t think most people loved Snowmaggedon quite as much as we did though. Trust me when I say that my kids were NOT complaining about the generous amount of snow we recieved. So, without further ado, let the snow pictures begin!

When you wake up to this kind of snow, you just know it’s going to be a FUN DAY!!! Whoo-hoo!!
Camden ALWAYS loves falling into the snow. Why not? It’s the perfect way to just dive right in!
Maylin has no problem heading out on her own to be the first one to sled down the hill. Her independent streak is a mile wide!
Maylin loves sledding! She gets that from her Momma, of course.
Camden likes sledding, but he likes falling off the sled even more. He rarely makes it to the bottom of the hill, because he likes to roll off the sled halfway down the hill and plunge into the snow. Silly boy.
Sledding can get a little competitive sometimes around here. I’m sure you can see who the winner normally is though.
It’s all fun…until someone hits a tree. Yikes! Thankfully, we didn’t have any injuries from that crash. However, later in the day, Camden cut his lip and nose when he crashed into the fence. Those pesky 5 ft. field fences can sneak up on you apparently.
They had a little pile up at the bottom of the hill. No injuries reported.
I did sent the rescue squad down on the next run. Jessie and Rocko went to look for injured kiddos and to help pull the extra sleds back up the hill. I’m still not 100% sure how the extra sleds ended up at the bottom of the hill… I should probably take less pictures and pay a little more attention. Yeah, good idea.
Maleah is almost always the last one out of the house, but she is also the last one to come in from the snow, because she loves it as well.

You can’t see her in this picture but Maylin is tucked in front of Maleah on the sled. Sisterly love is putting your little sister in front of you on the sled and letting her steer! Now, that’s brave!
Oh, this handsome man! He knows I love the snow and always comes outside with us. He even waited and proposed to me in the snow 21 years ago because he knows how much I love it. He’s a keeper. I just hope he keeps me!
This boy looks so much like his Dad. Oh. M. Goodness! He is so precious snacking on that snowball. And then he threw it at me. It’s on now, Buddy!!
Everyone enjoys a good snowball, don’t they? After the snowball fight, of course!
Do you know who enjoys snow almost as much as me and my kids?
The Basset puppies! They love playing in the snow! It’s hilarious! Just look at those ears!
This cracks me up! Ears everywhere!
They are so adorable!
And they don’t like to be left out either. Jessie Wrinkles REFUSES to be left out actually.
Jessie kept trying to get on the sled, so we let her ride down with Camden and she loved it. Isn’t Camden’s face adorable?
Jessie hunkered down to keep the snow from hitting her in the face and rode down the hill with Camden. As you can imagine from this picture, Camden’s face was covered in snow, but Jessie wasn’t. She might be a little smarter that we give her credit for….
Jessie waited to see if the ride was over…
And then she politely exited the ride. Such good manners! Then she ran up the hill to ride down with Maylin while Maleah helped Camden scrape piles of snow off his face.
Jessie loves sledding and will not let you sled without her. This is her “Why are you still in my way” face.
Jessie will even help you carry the sled back up the hill. Isn’t that nice of her? Jethro Flash is trying to help as well…or maybe he’s starting a game of Tug-of-War. Who knows?
Flash, Flash, Flash. Well, he jumped on the sled by himself, so Jim thought he would let him try it. I think he really needed someone to ride down with him so he wouldn’t get so scared though. His braveness is sometimes non-exsistent. Poor little fella.
As you can imagine, Flash’s solo trip didn’t turn out as well as he had hoped. He bailed about half way down and got buried in the snow. Poor little Jethro Flash! Needless to say, his sledding days are probably over.
He might have gotten up and ran for the house after that. Poor puppy.
It didn’t take him long to follow Jessie back up the hill again, but he wouldn’t get anywhere near the sleds.
This is Flash’s “No, thank you. I’m outta here” exit. Too cute.
And that, folks, is enough of our Carter Crazy snow pictures. Crazy or not, that girl is adorable!


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