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May.  That’s not really an exciting title is it?  Well, May might not sound exciting on paper, but it sure brought a lot of fun to our house and some big changes too!  May started off cold and then turned hot.  We completely skipped Spring.   Then the rain began.  And then more heat and more rain.  Then the rain decided it would NEVER go away.  Lots and Lots of Rain!  Like 15 inches of rain in 15 days kind of rain.  Yeah, that’s a lot!  The rain produced epic flooding.  Catastrophic, epic flooding for a lot of people.   We were so very fortunate to have not suffered any damage during all the flooding.

So, what do you do with lots of rain?  Well, if you have a spot in your back yard that is uneven and collects rain water, then you have a GIANT mud hole to play in!!  PERFECT!

Little boys LOVE mud!

Kids and mud are the perfect combination for fun!

 I’m not sure whose idea it was to ride the bikes through the giant mud puddle but I can assure you that it got messy real fast!  That actually made it more fun though!

The skies looked gloomy for weeks on end it seemed.  Although it did make the pastures a lovely shade of green.

We were all happy to see some sunshine when the rain finally ended!!  Even the ground formed heart shaped mud puddles!

May also brought complete exhaustion for me.  We were finally all well, but I stayed exhausted.  I was really exhausted for most of May.  Daily life goes on though.  So must I.  Or at least I have to attempt to.  Some days I might have been better off staying in bed….

One not so rainy day the kids and I went to look at a horse.  I have been chomping at the bit to get another horse for a few years, but I have tried to wait patiently until we moved.  Well, now we’ve moved and it’s time!!  I am more than ready!  Bring on the horses!!!

I had found a horse that looked promising and was within our budget.  So, I called and asked some questions, loaded up the kids and off we went.  Well, the horse was not quite what I was looking for.  The kids and I were all very disappointed, so I stopped to get them ice cream at a local store.  Mistake.  Big mistake!!

When we came out of the store I buckled everyone up, climbed in and put the car in reverse.  I promise I was looking out the rear of the car the entire time!  You can imagine how surprised I was when I hit something behind me!!  What could I have possibly hit???  It was a pesky trailer that sits only 2 feet off the ground that was parked a foot behind my car!!!   It was so long that the truck pulling it was at the gas pump but the trailer reached all the way to the bumper of my car.  Well, now.  That was unexpected.  However, it was a really good driver’s ed lesson for Maleah about checking behind your car for things you can’t see BEFORE you back up!

Thankfully I didn’t do any damage to the guy’s trailer and he found the situation funny.  Funny??  FUNNY????  You think it’s funny to back into a bright orange trailer in a parking lot with your kids and have each of them wearing ice cream on their noses because of it????  Yeah, okay, I can see how that would be funny.  After a few minutes I did see the humor and started laughing, almost a little hysterically, myself.   We’ve all had a good laugh over it now.  Especially Jim.  He yells orange trailer every time I back up now.  Oh, that Jim!

Since this is the second time I have backed into a bright orange trailer (The first time was Jim’s orange equipment that I backed into.  That man really is a Saint!) Jim and the kids decided I should leave the bright orange marks on the rear bumper of the Suburban.  They said they are like racing stripes.  I call them my crashing stripes, but whatever….  Maylin has become my defender and says I have a gift.  Okay…I have a gift to back in to bright orange trailers.  Well, how many people can claim that???

Lots of rain and warmer weather also means lots more grass to mow. 

Well, that means it’s finally time to add some equipment-like a tractor!!  Yes, I got a tractor for my Mother’s Day present!!  I was over the moon excited!!  I think it might be the best present I have ever received.  I LOVE it!!

Meet Big Red.  Isn’t she lovely?  Big Red and I have already formed a great attachment to each other.  I have spent entire days bush-hogging with Big Red and I have fallen completely in love with this tractor.  How did we manage this long without a tractor???  

Here’s the proof that I have even let Jim drive Big Red once for about 15 minutes.  Hey-that’s more than he has ever let me drive his dozer!!

Okay, if you have a farm, you have to have a farm dog.  I mean, you have to, right????  Since we all love Basset Hounds we decided that was the breed to go with.  I make no apologies for the obscene amount of Basset Hound pictures you are bound to see in the following weeks.  Enjoy!!!

Meet Jessie.  Look at that face!!

And those wrinkles!!!  Feel free to laugh, but we named her Jessie Wrinkles!  Isn’t that adorable?  Awww.

Camden wanted to name her Jessie Airplane Ears.  I must admit that would have been appropriate as well.

I mean look at those ears!

This is Jessie’s favorite place to go and gnaw on some sticks…and maybe take a break from us?  She is so cute with her ears always dragging the ground.

Sometimes chores take a little longer with a  puppy around.  Walking down to feed the chickens is a bit more of a chore with a puppy in tow these days.  Oh well, it’s completely worth it!!  Camden will just have to start channeling his Super Hero powers to corral Jessie in right direction.  HA!



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