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Crazy Critters

Crazy Critters.  That pretty much sums up all of my animals.  I say “my animals” because if it’s an animal that I’ve picked out or brought home, then it’s crazy.  No explanation makes sense really.  Just crazy.  I am just drawn to crazy animals.  Or else, I bring out the crazy in them.  Maybe I set their inner crazy free??  I don’t know, but we have never had a shortage of crazy animals around.  Jim jokes and says that the animals we start buying for the farm–I do NOT get to pick out.  What he means by that is that he is going to ask me which animal I am drawn to or really like.  Then he is going to turn completely around and walk away from that one because it will be the crazy, trouble maker.  So, in other words, I get to tell him which one I like and he will buy any one other than that one!  Honestly, he probably has a pretty good plan there!  I mean, I can tell you which animal has the best conformation, or is in the best health, which one is worth the most, or which one might be the best animal for us.  However, I will always be drawn to the sick, injured, crazy outcast that no one else wants.  Honestly, no one else wants it for a good reason.  Yet, I am determined to take it home and love it, regardless of whether it wants my love or not!  Poor Jim.  He had no idea what he got himself into when he married me.  Wait, yes he did!  He signed on for all this craziness!!!

So, since we are really close to getting more animals for the farm, I thought I would introduce some of our Carter Crazy Critters.  These are going to be the first animals on our farm.  The matriarchs of all to come.  Ok, not actually the matriarchs since none of them will be bred.  So technically they won’t really be the matriarchs.  Just the oldest.  But definitely not the wisest!  Just the oldest.

Spunky the hen.

 Spunky is our newest addition.

You might remember Spunky’s story.  We actually found her here on the farm, so she really is the first animal here!  She went on a crazy roadtrip on our plumber’s truck.  She then decided she didn’t want his offer for a ride home.  Must’ve been his driving?  So, he left her here for us to have.  After a few minutes (or more) of trying to catch the plucky bird, we finally captured her and took her home.  She is quite the character so we named her Spunky.  In a few short weeks she will be joined by more little chicks as Maleah tries her hand at hatching eggs from her incubator.  Watch out Spunky, we are about to rock your world with little chirping fluffballs!  Ha! Ha!


Let’s just say that Minnie would be horrified with my introduction of her.  Just Minnie-Moo?!?  Oh, yes, she would be horrified!  She likes to make an entrance and be the center of attention.  She’s quite the diva that way! 

This is our crazy bovine.  She doesn’t know she’s a cow so I have to use a scientific word so she won’t be offended.  Trust me, when she gets offended, it is quite obvious.  She will snort all over you and then walk into her stall and lay down with her rear facing you.  What offends her you ask?  Oh, everything basically.  Did the vet stop by for a check up?  Yep, she’s offended.  Did I have to pull the 11 inch stick out of her nose?  Yep, she’s offended.  (That was a true story by the way.  That crazy cow actually stuck an 11 inch branch up her nose!!!  And then got offended when I had to pull it out!!!)  Did I have to make her move over to clean her stall?  Yep, she’s offended.  Did I feed Desi before her?  She’s offended.  Did I cut back her food because she’s too fat to fit in the cattle shoot anymore?  She’s definitely offended.  Did I not turn her out because it was raining?  How could that offend her?  Oh, but it does!  Just when I’ve decided she is the grumpiest cow in the world, she gives me a sweet little Moo.  And then another Moo and trots up to me for her ear rub, or throat scratch.  Life is great again.  Until I make a mistake and offend her again.  Which will probably be in about 5 seconds.  When will I ever learn???


Rocko is a sweetheart.  He is a bit neurotic sometimes and has enough energy for about 5 dogs, but he puts with my loud kids and all my other crazy animals, so he’s a keeper!  He has put up with playing dress up with Maleah and then Maylin and he now plays storm troopers with Camden.  Yes, he follows beside Camden and acts as a decoy so Camden can shoot the bad guys.  Sadly, Rocko often gets wounded and then must be tended to by Doc Maylin.  He is such a patient dog!  

Dear Rocko has been a member of our family for over 12 years now.  I will admit that he is a neurotic basket case most of the time.  But I love that dog.  Want to go train for a marathon?  He’s your dog.  Want to go trail riding all day?  He’s your buddy.  Want to relax and watch a movie?  Well, maybe he’s not your dog.  Unless you let him sit in your lap and scratch his ears the whole time.  Then he’s your dog.  Rocko has been great for our family and is wonderful with the kids.  I was really concerned about how he would do with Maylin as a baby.  No worries.  He was so kind and gentle with her.  I almost thought Jim had switched dogs on me!  Once Maylin got old enough to get out of his way, the old Rocko returned.  He will gladly knock her over now!  I think it’s payback for all the dresses she puts on him!  He’s still pretty gentle with Camden though since he’s still the baby of the house.  Rocko’s just a good doggie.  But Jim has assured me that our next dog will be another Basset Hound.  A lazy, slow hound doggie.  Okay. We do have ALOT of excitement in our house with the kiddos these days.  But Rocko will always have a special place in my heart!


Yes, this rabbit’s name is Possum-Jasmine.  As a baby this cutie pie had the pinkest nose so I started calling her Possum.  The girls liked calling her Jasmine and eventually she became Possum-Jasmine.  

This sweet rabbit was Maleah’s pride and joy for nearly 7 years.  She was the best pet ever for Maleah.  She would let you do anything to her.  We got her to be an inside pet, but she decided that she liked the quiet of the outdoors better.  My girls were a little noisy for her and she didn’t really like the dogs eyeing her for a snack every day.  So, she was given a rabbit condo complete with fencing so she could be turned out everyday to eat grass and dine on her own specially planted vegetable garden.  She loved being outside and we loved on her everyday.  Sadly, we had to say good-bye to Possum this year after she developed an inoperable tumor.  Maleah is counting the days until she can get another sweet rabbit.  We will always miss sweet Possum but she will always be with us as she was the first animal ever buried on the farm.

Sweet Desi.

Sweet Desi.  A once in a lifetime horse.  Literally.  She is the only animal I have that isn’t crazy actually.  She is completely wonderful in every way! 

I don’t even know how to introduce you to Desi, the Super horse.  She is completely beyond words or description.  I could never do her justice with an introduction.  She’s too amazing!  She is the horse that dreams are made of really.  And I’ve owned her for over 30 years.  Yep!  Desi was born over 30 years ago to a mare that I owned.  So, I have owned Desi since the moment she was born.  She’s really my lifelong partner.  Desi was the sweetest foal ever!  And probably the cutest too!  She has always had the kindest and easiest spirit.  She loves people and trusts people without hesitation and will do anything you ask of her.  Anything!  And she always takes care of my kids.  I could tell you stories of ways that she has protected my kids that would almost seem made up!  Desi is spectacular in every way!  I have woken up and heard her nicker almost every morning of her life and for the majority of my life.  Desi and I are partners in this life and I can’t even think of my life without her.   Desi has listened to more of my problems than anyone and she always offers a sweet snuggle and some quiet wisdom!  She was Always be in my heart and Always be on our farm.

The list of our other past crazy critters is long and varied.  The list includes, a beagle that was afraid of rabbits (seriously!), horses that get stuck in water troughs (that was only funny the first few times), horses that will steal Pop-Tarts, dogs that get stuck in pillow cases, sneaky, stealthy border collies, cats that sleep in our gutters and the list goes on….  If you ever need some funny stories, please ask me about some of the goofy animals that I’ve brought home.  Each of our animals have a place in my heart and more than a few funny stories in my memory!


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