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Still Fencing and Snowing

Well, the third week of January came and so did more brutally cold weather.  Yes, old man winter, we do know it’s still winter.  We don’t need to have it shoved in our faces again!  But yet, the highs were only in the 30s again.  Great.  Let’s work on the fencing again.  Ha!

Jim had some free time so we went and tackled a few hours of fencing.  We even came up with a system so I could work on the fencing while Jim was at work.  Great news!  No, seriously, it is!  I love working outside and I actually like fencing.  I hate that when Jim isn’t working he is always having to help me and not having free time.  So if I can work on the fencing without Jim’s help, that is great news.  Plus, the kiddos love running, playing and exploring on the farm.  Let’s get busy fencing and having fun kiddos!

We were even able to figure out new spots for Desi and Minnie’s shed.  This way we could get them put in without the dozer leveling the spots first.  Yeah, the dozer still wasn’t fixed.  Pesky dozer and it’s sneaky, hidden problems.  Geez.  I would’ve kicked it’s tracks but that would’ve have just broken my foot.  So, I had to settle with just a few mean looks and then trying to find a new spot for the animals sheds.  Since we still couldn’t level the spots we wanted for their sheds we were trying to come up with a plan in case the dozer still wasn’t fixed by the time the sheds arrived.  Yep, let’s change the plan again.  Why not??

We were still hoping to get Desi’s shed in this spot.  Well, that didn’t work quite so well.  That rather large brush pile is kinda in the way.   

Minnie’s shed is probably going to be down here between these trees somewhere.  It’s flat enough that the we won’t have to level it off with the dozer.   Minnie will be a little further from the house, but I know she’s going to LOVE all that grass.  Eventually, she will anyway.  OK, I may have to rub her ears, scratch her neck and back and sing her a few lullabies first, but she will learn to love being a cow….eventually…I hope…

Moving their sheds to a new location wasn’t my first choice, but it was workable, so we were going with it.  Having the dozer fixed, oh say…a month ago!   Well, that would have been my first choice!   But I will try not to bog down in that pit of frustration right now.  Anyway, once the sheds were in, we could (hopefully) finish the rest of the fencing and put in the gates.  Some trees were still in the way, but only a few and we could hopefully cut those up with the chainsaw.   At least, that’s the new plan….for now….  On a side note- Please pray for us!  Jim and I will be using large power tools!  Somehow a chainsaw seems way scarier than a dozer, doesn’t it?  Oh dear….

So, back to fencing!  In the afternoons I put in as many line and corner posts as I could.  I was really having some sharp pains in my right side that was more than a little distracting though.  However,  I was determined to get as much fencing done as possible before the sheds were delivered on Thursday.  There was only a slight chance of snow on Tuesday night so we were good.  Well….

A slight chance of snow turned into over 4 inches of snow for us.  Another snow day!!!  You have to love a snowday!!

Cam and Jim had a crash.  

Camden got a little tired of waiting for Jim to spring back up.  He’s setting out on his own. 

Sledding sisters!

Boy, they look like professionals leaning into that turn.  Ahhh, I have taught them well.  Ha!  I wish!  I rarely make it down the hill without falling off the sled and laughing hysterically.  And then repeating.  Again.  And again.  

The pain in my right side turned into a not so nice burning ache, fever, and upset stomach.  That was fun.  Yeah, not really fun at all.  I would have much rather been playing in the snow, falling off the sleds and laughing.  By Thursday, I was still rather uncomfortable to say the least.  I’d lost almost 5 lbs which was heavenly, but I would rather be able to sleep at night than be skinny.  My priorities are so backwards for a girl.  Anyway, after being in pain for 5 days I finally called the doctor.  The doc sent me to the ER for a CT scan.  He was quite certain I had appendicitis.  Well, poop.  Seriously, can my body not just get along with me????? Apparently not!

Turns out I didn’t have appendicitis.  Nope.  I had a massive colon infection.  Ascending colon diverticulitis, to be exact.  Yep.  Not exactly a dinner table topic is it?  The doctor was baffled actually.  He said that was the last thing he expected in someone my age and health.  Yeah, me too!!  I think from now on when I go to the doctor I am going to start off with somethin like,  “Think outside the box, doc”.  Or “Expect the unexpected, mister”.  Maybe even, “Let’s go ahead and consider zebras as well as horses”.  Ya know, the whole Carter Crazy thing is coming around to kick me in the arse again.  Why couldn’t I have the usual appendicitis?  But no.  I get to have 14 days of medication that make me so nauseous and puny I would swear I was pregnant again, a special trip to the gastroenterologist, and a lovely one-way trip with an endoscope in the nether region to find out why part of my large intestines hate me.  Oh Joy!  Not surprisingly, Jim found this whole thing hilarious.   He couldn’t stop laughing at me!  I am ALWAYS bugging him about his diet and as he points out, “He’s never had a colon problem”.  I’m the one who loves my fruits and veggies (Jim does not eat those much at all), tries to exercise regularly (Jim’s idea of exercise is to throw the football for a few minutes), tries to avoid preservatives, processed foods, fast food etc (Jim lives on this stuff!).  Yet, my body hates me and Jim’s body apparently does not hate him.  UGGGGHHHH!!!  Come on body!  Work with me!!!

Anyway, after a few more uncomfortably awkward doctor visits and a few weeks of nausea, headaches and general puniness, I was feeling better.  Even better, my kids survived!!!  Maybe not happily, but they lived.  So did Jim, although he claims he doesn’t know how.  However, we ALL lived!  That’s what’s important here!!  So, just ignore any stories about grumpiness or other nonsense that my kids or husband might try to fool you with.  Ok, moving on…

The lovely snow had delayed the sheds being put up for the animals, so we waited until Monday for them.  Well, Monday turned out to be a Monday.  Yep, the guy bringing the sheds had his truck break down on him.  It’s Carter Crazy all the time lately!!!  Our sweet little house is ready for us to move into and the weather, my intestines, the dozer, the shed people and their vehicles- NONE of it is cooperating!!!! ONONE OF IT!!!!   Okay, I think it’s time to find Maylin and have her teach me some more yoga.   Breathe in….breathe out….



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