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Silly, Silly Sheds

Well, the New Year had brought us a lot of hurry up and wait.  And a lot of cold weather.  Then more waiting.  And then rain.  And more rain.  Oh, the fun of waiting for our sheds to be delivered, for our dozer to be fixed and for the weather to cooperate!  Every morning I would wake up and repeat, “Today is the day.”  And then I would go to bed repeating, “Tomorrow is the day”.  Gotta have a positive attitude!

Well, that positive attitude might not have been contagious….The guy bringing the sheds had his truck break down on Monday.  He was not a happy camper.  So, we rescheduled for Thursday.  We were about 3 weeks behind on getting the sheds delivered and put up.  However, I was surprising myself with the amount of patience I was having.  It could have had a little bit to do with have gut wrenching pain-literally that I was still having.  Or tending to sick kiddos, or the amount of schoolwork the kiddos had been doing.  Or the play auditions.  Or that tax season that was fast approaching.  Yeah, I definitely had a few other things that had occupied my thoughts.  But on Thursday morning, I was ready for those sheds to be put up.  Come on people!  Now.  NOW, I say!  Hmmm, I think I’ll keep that thought to myself.   Those guys might not appreciate my weird sense of humor…

Well, on Thursday we had schoolwork and then we headed out around lunchtime.   Of course, we wanted to watch them put up the sheds for our critters!  While we waited, we worked on fencing.  Again.  Always working on fencing these days.

More fencing.  Jim is so awesome to help me with the fencing!  He’s a keeper!

Maylin said that her new chore is checking the fence lines every day.  Yep, she can have that chore.  One less thing for me to do everyday. 

Well, by 3pm, that afternoon, the guys delivering the sheds still hadn’t arrived or called.  Not good.  We called and left a message.  By 4pm, Saint Jim was a little more than irritated.  We were running out of daylight for them to work.  The guys called around 4:30 and they were lost.  NOOOOO!!!!

After a lot of back and forth with directions and GPS, they finally arrived.  But it was getting dark fast.  They were supposed to put up both sheds today, or tonight I should say.  Hmmm, this will be interesting.  Thankfully, the sheds were fairly close to each other so they both got started on one.

I couldn’t believe how fast those guys worked!  

In a little over 2 hours they had both the sheds put up.  Of course, it was completely dark by then.  Jim had turned his truck around so they could see to finish the roof with flashlights and truck headlights.   The kids and I had to leave before they were done to go home and feed the animals and get all our evening chores done.  So the next day we hurried and got all our work done so we could head out and see the new sheds.

This is what the sheds looked like from the driveway.  

Well, the sheds weren’t where I had originally wanted them, but they were shelter for my girls and one step closer to us moving, so I can’t complain.  

They actually looked better than I thought they would.  I have had an image in my mind of how and where they would look since we cleared their pastures.  Since they were now in a different spot, it looked really weird to me.  I liked them, but I was having trouble visualizing how and where I wanted the fences and gates to go now.  I know how silly that sounds, but this is where I want to live for the rest of my life so I want it to look nice.  And I really don’t want to be redoing fencing anytime soon, if possible.

Well, the sheds are here now.  So, back to figuring out a new plan to finish the fencing.   

Jim is Mr. Fix it.  His suggestion:  Just put up something and we can always change it later.   Once we got started and he saw the amount of work we were doing, he kinda changed his tune some though.  He actually suggested waiting until the dozer was fixed and then moving the sheds to where we originally wanted them.  Well, I was speechless.  For one, we didn’t know when the dozer was going to be ready.  Secondly, moving those sheds did seem possible, but also seemed like a lot of work.  And a lot of time.  Since time isn’t something I have a lot to spare these days, I really prefer to just do something once and be done.  So back to figuring out a new plan that looks decent.

After we got a rough plan, we fenced all afternoon and all day Saturday.  We finally called it a day when the rain started.  It’s been about 2 weeks and the rain still hasn’t really stopped.  Not for long anyway.  We have had a few dry days and we were able to do some work but then the rain would return.  My new motto is: Rain is our friend.   Yes, rain is good for Jim’s business.  So, we like rain.  I keep repeating these things to myself lately.  I really do appreciate the rain.  But I also like sunshine.  And finishing the fencing.  And getting moved.  Boy, I wish we could find a nice balance in the weather that would allow us to move.

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