Welcome to Antler Valley Farm

Almost there!!

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we were able to get more work done on the house.  We were almost there!!!

We were able to get the appliances where they needed to be and lined up.  It almost looks like a kitchen now!

We were able to get the grout put into the cracks in the concrete floors and get the floors somewhat vaccummed up from the paint and sheetrock.  Scraping the sheetrock, plaster and paint off the floors is a daily project though.  However, it serves as a great tool to keep the kiddos listening when we are out there working.  “I said STOP!  Do you want to scrap paint for the rest of the afternoon?  NO????  I think you better listen then.”  Yeah, that typically cools their jets for a while.

Maybe the floors should’ve been done before the cabinets and appliances were brought in?  Yeah, that would have been a smarter move.  Oh well, live and learn.  We only had to finish scraping the entire floor to loosen the sheetrock and paint mess that remained on the floor.  Maybe I should just rent a floor sander?  Well, that sounded like a brilliant idea, but it went nowhere.

As it turns out, those are in short supply these days.  We called everyone looking for a concrete sander.  No luck.  So, back to scraping paint.  Where are those kids now?  Who’s misbehaving so they can help me?  Boy, that sounds so mean when I say it out loud.  Yikes!

In between scraping paint and juggling everything else, we able to get a few more little things done.  The bathroom vanities were put into place.

This is the bathroom vanity that the girls picked out.  It was quite a bit under the budget we gave them AND it even came with a matching mirror.  Score!

We purchased more molding to trim the windows and stained it with polyurethane to put up in the weeks to come.

And this is what happens when I lay out all the boards and start staining them.  

The kids find some form of entertainment and I pray furiously that it doesn’t end up with someone crying or worse,a trip to the ER. 

Luckily, this time it didn’t.  I did step in when they started flipping each other down the front yard hill in the box.  That was a bit much.  But they played for hours with this old box.  Which actually gave ole Santa Claus an idea for a great Christmas present for Maylin.  He was going to bring her a Magic Fort for Christmas so she could build and create to her heart’s desire.  Whoo-hoo, she is going to love it!     

Then we purchased more boards to do all the baseboard trim and stained those as well and then they were eventually put up.

Some of the boards were used to trim out around the attic entrance.  

We were even able to get the washer and dryer stacked and hooked up.  That was an endeavor, for sure!

Jim and his dad were able to get my beautiful extra large cast iron sink put into place.  It’s beautiful!!!  The next best thing to a farm house sink!

Jim also managed to find time to put up Cam’s new bunk bed.  Or is it a raised storage bed?  I’m not sure what to call it.  For now, the kids call it fun and treat it like a jungle gym.  Again, more praying on my part that it doesn’t end up with a trip to the ER.  

I planted what I hoped is the last of the grass seed.  Realistically, I know I will be planting more grass seed for the rest of my foreseeable future.  We still have about 30 more acres we would like to clear and establish as pastures.  And not all the land we’ve already cleared has grass planted yet.  So, yeah, lots more planting grass in my future.  I guess it’s a good thing I enjoy doing that kind of work.

I also grabbed a few bags of black mulch and put them in front of the house.  Now, I just need some hardy, easy to care for landscaping that looks lovely.  Suggestions??




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