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We Have Walls, Baby!

The sheetrock guy had originally said he thought it would only take him 3-4 days to finish the job at our little house.  Great.  3 days is nothing, right?  I can definitely wait 3 days, right?  Except 3 days turned into….. 10 days.  Okay, I should’ve been expecting that.  Aaannnnddd I should have learned patience a long time ago.

So, we took the time to finish up projects at our severely, neglected house.  We had to restain the decks and repaint our basement door.  And I should’ve paid a lot more attention when I repainted that door because the color I picked out closely resembled Pepto Bismol!  (I was so repulsed by the color I even forgot to take a picture it!)  How does a brown color turn into a vomit pink?  I have no clue!  But it did.  I couldn’t leave it like that so then I had to repaint it again.  Finally the door turned the color of brown that I wanted.  Whew!

After that fiasco, I had tons of yardwork to do before winter and the house could have really used a good cleaning.  Hmm, maybe next week I’ll get to the cleaning…. Or the week after…..

Today Camden is Captain America.  Please don’t confuse him with the Spider-Man version of himself.  That irritates him…

They were doing a lovely job on the sheetrock AND they were almost done….

I love the view from our front porch.  I am so excited to sit here in the evenings and just…. ENJOY!

Jim worked all week and the kids and I alternated between schoolwork and catching up on my very neglected chores (which I slyly made into the kids chores too).  By Friday we still hadn’t heard from the sheetrock guy so we planned to go the fair on Friday night and then relax all weekend.  Great plan!  Love it!  Didn’t happen though.  Almost…but not quite.

On our way home from the fair, the sheetrock guy called and said he was done.  We could start priming the walls and painting in the morning.  What???  I wasn’t prepared.  I didn’t have a plan for painting inside yet!  My lovely relaxing weekend just went out the window!

Jim really wanted to get the house painted over the weekend so that Joe, the electrician, could come finish the electric before he left town for 2-3 weeks.  No pressure though.  Just clean up all the sheetrock mess and dust, prime all the walls and then paint 2 coats of paint on all the interior walls.  Sure, no problem.  In about 48 hours!!!!  HA!!  Let me just channel my inner Superwoman.  Oh, wait.  That’s not me!   I am not Superwoman!!  I don’t even have a Superwoman shirt!  I am the Reverse Superwoman most days!!  How was this going to work????  I have NO Clue!!  Not a clue…

The entire weekend was a blur.  It took me hours to clean up all the mess from the sheetrock mudding and sanding.  I probably could’ve shaved off an hour if I hadn’t tried to vacuum the plastic covering the floor.  Not my smartest move.  After a few unsuccessful attempts I just pulled it all up and tossed it outside.  I was actually able to roll it up and take most of the mess outside in the process.  Why didn’t I think of that sooner???

After I finished vacuuming up all the dust, I tried wiping down the walls a few hundred times.  Silly me thought I had to get every speck of dust off the sheetrock.  News flash!  That isn’t possible!  Finally, I was able to start putting the primer on the walls.

Jim showed up around lunchtime with a sick, little Maylin.  She is always so pitiful when she gets sick!  We fixed her a bed and she laid there and watched us paint all weekend.  Every time I looked at her, I felt completely guilty.  Realistically, I know that if we were at home, she would just be laying on the couch doing nothing.  But seeing her lay there looking pitiful just about undid me!  She was a trooper though.  And she even managed to laugh at my jokes or my silly mistakes a few times.  I love that cutie pie.  She finally felt well enough to help paint a small portion of her room.  She will be glad to show that section of the wall to anyone, at anytime if you are interested.   She is so sweet!

By Sunday afternoon we had the first coat of paint on all the walls.  Did I mention that the kids each picked out a color for a room?  Well, here they are…

Maleah picked Pefectly Purple for their bathroom.  That color fits Maleah perfectly!  

Maylin picked Dancing Green for their bedroom.  Isn’t that just the most perfect color name for Maylin since she is always dancing??  She said the dinosaurs would want to come eat the walls in her room if they were green.  Okay, I have to admit I think that is the stuff nightmares are made of but lets hope not!

Camden picked Boyish Blue because, well, he’s a boy and he loves blue.  Anyone who comes to our house is going to automatically think we are Tarheel fans.    

After all that painting, I was exhausted.  I was planning to come back Monday morning to finish the second coat in the majority of the rooms.  Then, Joe called and said he need to come on Monday instead of Tuesday to do the electric.  I was actually a little relived!!  I could stay home with the sick kiddos and let them rest.  I might even get some rest myself!

By Tuesday, Joe was almost done with all the electric.  He had even hooked up the lights inside the house to the well pump for temporary electricity inside the house.  That was awesome!  I could actually see to paint the rest of the house!  Sadly, I could see my mistakes all to well also.

We now have lights and fans in the kitchen and living room.  It looks like a house now!

Oh, sorry, the rest of the house is painted a light gray color.  I’m not big into matching colors and I think the kids picked enough color for the whole house, so light gray for everything else is fine with me. 

We have exterior lights.  And they work!

Joe was kind enough to finish the electric fairly quickly and then I was able to finish the second coat of paint for the house.

Whew!  That’s a lot of empty paint cans.  And a lot of painting!  If anyone scuffs my freshly painted walls I am going to scruff their cute little necks!

Now we just have to get the kitchen and bathroom cabinets in, the toilets and sinks in, the HVAC completed, scrape the plaster and paint off the floors, seal and polish them, install the interior doors and molding everywhere and get the power company to bury the power from the temporary pole to the house.  Is that everything?  I know I’m forgetting something, but I can’t remember what!  Hmmm, let me think….

Wait, what am I trying to remember????


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