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Since we were back to waiting another week to have the chance to put the trusses on, we tried to get ahead again.

We went back to Home Depot and bought all the bathroom stuff we would need.  Jim had scheduled a plumbing friend of his to help him with all the plumbing work.  Jim and Doug had coordinated their schedules over a month ago. Way back when we were still on track with the trusses….way back when….

The bright side of everything is always the sunflowers.  Sunflowers make everything okay again.  It even makes the fact that I just realized I have weedeater fuel sitting on my table in this picture a little less embarrassing!  Oh, you didn’t notice that until I pointed it out?  Okey-dokey… Yep, sunflowers make everything better!

Well, IF all went well and IF the trusses and roof got put on next week, then the plumbing could still go in next. That IF word is such a tricky little thing though!

However, we had already scheduled the plumbing with Doug and we were really hoping that the weather, the materials, the people and all the equipment would stick with the plan!  Come on, work with me people!  Work with me!!!  Mama needs a break, okay?!?!?!?  Mama NEEDS a BREAK!!

So, if we were going to put in the plumbing, then we needed the plumbing supplies that were going to be put in.  Ok, we needed part of it at least.  We needed the shower, bathtub and the dimensions of the bathroom vanities to start with.  We decided we needed to go ahead and buy all the plumbing stuff so that we would have it and wouldn’t need to go back to the store the next week.  No more shopping for me!  I have had enough shopping to last me a lifetime already!

Off to Home Depot we went during an incredibly rainy Thursday.  That Hurricane Harvey sure liked to make sure we knew he was here.   And that he was the reason we weren’t able to get the trusses on that day.  Yeah, not nice Hurricane Harvey!  Not nice at all.

Anyway, I had taken notebooks for each kid and had written each of the things we were looking for as well as the budget we had set aside for each item.  On Camden’s notebook I had just drawn little planes and stick figures on each page.  Come on, he just turned 3.  I can’t expect him to write down stuff and pick out stuff yet.  I’m normally happy if we escape a store without breaking something!  That day, I was just thrilled he was trying to behave!

We started with the bathroom vanities and picked out a lovely one that the girls both liked.   Surprise, surprise!  It was within their budget!  Then we picked out a laundry sink/ vanity combo for the other bathroom that was simple and way under budget.  That made me happy.  Very happy!

We moved on to the toilets and picked out 2 that were in our budget.  Again, I was a happy lady!  The bathtub and shower were also picked out fairly simply and were also within our budget.  The same with the hot water heater.  Great!  Hmmm, maybe this shopping wasn’t so bad…Yeah, let’s not get carried away here!  Shopping is still shopping and I would much rather be doing something else.  Anything other than shopping!  But as far as shopping trips go, I thought it was going swell!

Then, we moved on to the kitchen cabinets, sinks, and countertops.  That’s when Camden decided he was done.  In all fairness, it was 2pm and he hadn’t had a nap yet.  He was determined to let everyone know that he had missed his nap.  Thankfully, Jim took him for a walk around the store so I could talk to the lady about the kitchen stuff.

Well, I quickly decided that our kitchen can be made out of barrels for all I care!  Who in the world pays that obscene amount of money for a kitchen?  A tiny kitchen in a tiny house?  Wow!  I kindly explained to the nice lady that we were on a budget and apologized for wasting her time.  She was very nice and gave me several suggestions for saving money in the kitchen.  I gladly took her advice and picked out a premade, low budget cabinet that was sturdy, good looking and within our budget!

Then I picked out a sink with Maleah’s help.  I really, really, really, wanted a farm sink but Alas, it just isn’t in our budget.  One day, dear farm sink…one day you will be in my kitchen and tears of joy will likely flow.  One day…

And my job was done!  Yep, let’s blow this popsicle stand people!  But, no!  Nope, Jim had talked to someone who had told him we needed to take our purchase to the Pro Desk.  Apparently if you spend over a certain amount of money, they will run it through the magic computer to see if they can discount it even more.  Sure!  That sounds like something worth waiting for!

So, Jim and Maleah set off to do that with the list we had made.  I set off to the car during a monsoon with 2 tired kids.  But we were done shopping for now, so I didn’t even care that I only had 1 umbrella and the 2 kids were sharing it.  I looked and felt like a drowned rat by the time we got to the car.  But we were done!  And headed home!  The supplies would be delivered next Friday, so I will be doing some heavy praying that the roof will be on by then and ready for the plumbing.

This sweet girl needs a roof over her head!!  Don’t you agree??

Now, I would like to return to the security and safety of my home to reorganize the tiny bit of sanity and brain cells I have left after spending all day shopping.  Please excuse me….


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