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Finishing the Framing

The week after Scott got started, he quickly framed for the windows and doors.  Whoo-hoo!  He was making some kind of progress.  And I even managed to stay out of their way and let them work.  Boy, was that hard!  We all wanted to be out there watching them all the time!  However, we realized that checking in once a day was probably better for their momentum than having us looking over their shoulder all time.  And, of course, not having to watch out for the kiddos crazy antics probably helped speed up their progress some too.  Yeah, just a little.

It looks like a house now!

Jim started getting quotes on plumbing, electrical and heat and air.  Up to this point we were actually under budget.  Can you believe it???  We had saved some on the original plumbing and the doors and windows we chose were less than Scott had quoted us.  Plus, the shingles for the roof were even less than expected!  YES!!  But we did have to have a roof to put the shingles on, right?  Yep, we needed the trusses first.  So….first things first.  Let’s get those trusses here, now people!

Jim and Scott met the roof guy and they discussed options.  Our house is so small and so simple they were able to offer us a better deal on the trusses!  Whoo-hoo!  Even more savings!  Every little bit helps!  But..isn’t there always a but?  The truss company was about 2 weeks behind schedule!  Scott and Jim had not planned for that at all.  Normally the truss company is a few days behind at most.  Not 2 weeks!  That really put a damper on our time schedule.  And maybe dashed our spirit just a bit.  Ok, dashed my spirit just a bit.  Jim as usual, took it all in stride.  Guys!

We paid up front in hopes that they would scoot our order in faster since the trusses were so simple.  Not very likely to happen but, hey, one can hope can’t they?

Scott kept working and was already making lots of progress so we really wanted a roof on our home!

Scott already had the OSB boards up..

and it was really looking like a house!

I had to throw in this picture of Maylin.  When she isn’t inspecting something, taking it apart, or asking a blue millions questions, she’s twirling or dancing through life.  I love her spirit!  Well, most days I love her spirit…She is an extremely energentic 6 year old and I am…well,  I am not an extremely energetic gal.  So, we do have our days….but I do love her enthusiasm the majority of the time.  Just maybe not at 9pm…or when I have a headache…That’s reasonable, right?    

 The Tyvek home wrap was done.

So they started on the front porch.  Look at that hulk of a man holding up the beams for the front porch.  Oh wait!  That’s my handsome husband!!  What a hunk!!

Camden looks so much like his daddy!  Oh my goodness, when he smiles he melts my heart!  Such a cutie pie!!

Scott ordered the shingles and then he was basically done until the trusses were delivered…. And we were still waiting on the trusses..  Yep, waiting again….  I should really be used to that by now.   When will I ever learn????


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