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August Adventures

August is always, ALWAYS, a crazy, busy month for us.  We have birthdays, anniversaries, school starting, the never ending therapy and doctor appointments, just to name a few.  Whew, I’m tired just talking about it already!

However, this August was even a little crazier than normal.  We were building a house, selling our land, we had 2 kids homeschooled and 1 starting some preschool work.  On top of that we had Camden’s birthday, my birthday as well as several of the grandparents birthdays.  August is just a birthday month for us.


Oh, my, goodness!  Look at that face!!

To say that Camden loves planes is an understatement.  This boy LIVES for planes!  So, of course, we had to go all out and have a Planes birthday party!

And we had our 20th anniversary.  The amazing trip we wanted to take wasn’t going to happen but we have hopes for next year.  I mean, I am NOT letting this man go, so we have the rest of our lives really.

Hubba, Hubba!!  I’ve been married to this hunk for 20 years now and he stills makes my heart race.  I am a lucky woman!!!

We also had an fundraising Art Gala where we were supposed to bring desserts for 100 or so people.  No problem!  Ha!   And all that happened in just the first 13 days of August!  It was crazy.  And exhausting!

Poor Camden was exhausted from all our craziness!  I think I could watch my kids sleep for hours!  They look so sweet..and innocent…and QUIET!  Quiet is NOT a word that typically describes my kids when they are awake!

Actually, all our kids were just as exhausted as we were.  I think we all need a vacation!  I just realized that I don’t have a picture of Maylin sleeping.  I need to correct that oversight! 

The first 2 weeks of August left us spinning, but we had a lot to show for our craziness.  Our house was coming along and we had received an offer on our land and were scheduled to close August 31st.  That meant we had some extra money to continue with the house.  Woo-hoo!  Great news!  But that also meant we would be continuing with this crazy schedule as we picked out tubs, toilets, sinks, walls, doors, and whatever else we needed for the new house.  Let me just say this is torture for someone who does not like to shop!  And I’m not talking about Jim either!  I may be the only female on the planet that doesn’t like to shop!  I despise shopping!  However, the only other options were to let Jim pick out everything himself….Definitely NOT.  Or to hire a designer to pick out everything…NO, NO, NO!!! NEVER!!!  So we started shopping online and in stores to get ideas and to get the best prices and options.  But we were finally building our house so I slapped a smile on my face and tried not to grit my teeth when we spent hours in stores….shopping!!!  UGH!!!!

Who can forget the hype of the solar eclipse?

My crazy family looked hilarious with their little glasses!

It was like a UFO convention on our front porch!

Maleah was also presented a wonderful opportunity to be an extra in a movie.  Boy, oh boy, was she excited!  She even got to go back and help with some of the filming.  Now that is an experience she will never forget!

And Rick offered me a job as a staff writer.  Sounds fancy!  And scary!  How does someone who isn’t a movie buff write interviews about movie buffs making movies?  That’s a steep learning curve!  But it was also a lot of fun and I got to meet so many wonderful people.

While I was chauffeuring the kids around to their various activities or doing much needed mowing, Jim was working or meeting with people to get quotes on the house.  We were like ships on different oceans really.  We would see each other and be so confused that our conversations didn’t really make any sense.  He would start talking about numbers and options from electricians and I would think he was talking about the weedeating I had done.  Or I would tell him about the kids therapy and he would ask why I was talking to the cow again.  Some of our conversations were comical!

We finally decided he would call in between his jobs at least once a day so we could chat and be involved in each others lives.  Just one problem.  All h*#* typically breaks out when I am on the phone for more than 30 seconds.  Seriously, how can a dog vomit, a bowl break, a thunderstorm pop up, a toilet overflow, a stranger appear on my front porch, and dinner burns to a crisp in only 30 seconds????  I have no idea how it happens, but I can show you any day or any time.  Just call me on my phone and expect me to talk/listen for more than 3 sentences and my house will literally implode!

This is the daily craziness at 7am.  Skateboarding in the house…at 7am…that’s completely normal.  Right??  Well, for us it is..  I just go with it.  I learned a long time ago to pick my battles. 

So, No.  Jim and I tried several times to catch up during the day, but it was just too exhausting for me and too funny for him.  I can’t have him on the phone listening to all this craziness and laughing so hard he gets in a wreck.  The thing about life though, it keeps going on.  So we went with it, hoping and praying that by the holidays our house would be built, we would be moved out there and only having to keep up with one farm instead of 2.  That alone sounds like a big vacation to me.  And a lovely Christmas present…  Santa are you listening?????

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