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The Framing Actually Begins!

On Friday we were working on the property again.  Picking up sticks, dozer work, mowing, weedeating, all the really fun stuff!  Ha!  Actually it was all the usual stuff we got behind on over the summer.  However, it was helping to pass the time until the framing started on Monday.  So, work we did.  By lunchtime the kids were threating a revolt.  Well, to be honest, it was just Camden threatening a revolt.  The girls were just complaining about being hungry.  Go figure.

We decided to go down the road to a country store that serves delicious BBQ.  We enjoyed our lunch in the AC and slowly headed back to the farm.  I say “slowly” headed back to the farm, because it was hot!  Like really hot and we were all tired but we weren’t done working yet.  Jim and I were trying to put on a good face and smile but we both wanted to take a nap in the pool!  Being an adult is not always so fun, is it?

When Jim went to turn into the driveway to the farm, we nearly hit a huge yellow truck backing back into the road.  When turning into our driveway from the left, you can’t see the entire road because of a bank.  That bank was hiding a very important truck.  A truck loaded with the framing materials for our house!  Apparently the driver of the truck had been headed down to the creek instead of up to the house site.  So he decided to back into the road to turn around.  Probably not the smartest decision but who I am to judge when we were sitting in the middle of the road ourselves!  We sat in the middle of the road praying we weren’t going to get smacked by another big truck.  That would have made for a very bad day!  Finally, the truck backed up and turned up the driveway and we happily pulled in right behind him and followed him up the driveway.

Jim and the driver started talking….and then talked some more…. and some more.   I am going to start carrying duct tape with me at all times to prevent the inevitable next time.  I’ll just slap some duct tape over Jim’s mouth and call it a day.  Just kidding!  But you can tell I have put some thought into this problem!  Jim is so friendly and talkative…I really do love that about him….but not today!!!  Today I wanted him to wrap it up so the guy could unload his supplies for our new house before something went wrong!

While Jim was talking the kids and I walked around and found these beautiful black/red sunflowers blooming.

I don’t remember buying or planting those beauties, but I’m sure glad they popped up.

This is me taking a picture of Maleah taking a picture of a sunflower.  I am so weird…

Eventually, the driver started unloading the framing materials.

That little gizmo that he unloads stuff with is really nifty.  I have added that to my Christmas wish list.  I could see that coming in very handy on the farm.

Scott had asked for tarps to cover the wood.  Sure, no problem.   So, we covered the wood and placed lots of rocks on top in case a storm popped up.  I do mean lots of rocks.  Maybe a little more than 30 big rocks…Sorry Scott!  We didn’t want to risk the wood being wet and Scott not being able to work.  Nope, we couldn’t risk it so we used every rock we could find.  You just know Scott hates us!!

We just had to wait all weekend, and then the framing would begin on Monday!  Monday was actually Camden’s 3rd birthday so how could it not be a great day, right?!?!

Well, it really was a great day.  Except it rained all day!  Scott didn’t start working that day or the next due to the rain!  I’m trying not to complain, because the rain really helps bring in work for Jim, but it was also delaying the start of our house.  AHHHH!!  Yep, I’m still working on that patience thing!  I think its’ going to be a life long process for me….

Wednesday was our 20th anniversary!  Yep, 20 years with that amazing man and I still love him.  Better yet, he still loves Me!  And that is really saying something!  That’s really a miracle!!

The rain actually held off and Scott was able to work on Wednesday!!  This is the beginning of our new house!!!

How cool is that!  We could see the rooms starting to take shape!

 The bad news was that rain was in the forecast for Thursday and Friday.  Rain is our friend though.  Rain is our friend.  Rain is our friend.  I am going to keep repeating that to myself to make myself believe it.  Rain is our friend.  Rain is our friend….Just not at this moment!

The rain did hold off for most of Thursday and part of Friday.  Scott and his helper got busy and put up most of the walls!  Wow!

I think Maylin could have a future as an inspector.  She is always watching and learning…and asking lots of questions.  Millions of questions!!

The rain came in the next day.  But,

this was going to be the view out our bedroom window in a few months.  Now that’s exciting!!

They even ordered the trusses and expected them to be ready within a week!  Floors, walls and a roof?  Now, that’s progress!!


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