Welcome to Antler Valley Farm

Starting to build!

In late June, we had saved enough to start the building process!!!  Well, enough to start anyway.

We called our builder Scott and met with him to lay out the house site and discuss some of the details.  He seemed excited for us and we were definitely excited enough for the both of us!

We were going to build a house!

Our sunflowers were even growing nicely!  That was a lovely sight and I took that as a sign of great beginnings.

I can’t wait until these babies bloom.  Beautiful, yellow, beauties all over the drainfield!  (That still cracks me up for some weird reason!) I am going to love it!

Look how tall some of these sunflowers got!  And look at that cuteness behind them.  Excuse me while I go get a hug from that cutie pie…

We had already discussed the new, smaller plans and he didn’t seem to think we were too crazy.  At least, he didn’t say that to our face.  Anyway, we were ready to start with the concrete foundation.  First, we had to have the footers poured and the termite treatment done.  Then they were going to lay out the plumbing and pour the concrete.  That was the order in which it was explained to us.  Whoo-hoo!  Let’s get started!

Unfortuntaely, everyone in Rutherford county must have been starting to build at the same time.  We waited a week-a whole week- for Scott to call us and tell us when to meet the concrete guys out there.  Nothing.  We (translated to I) got a little impatient and had Jim call Scott again.  He said that 1 of the 2 guys he normally uses was so far behind that he wouldn’t be able to get to us for 2-3 months.  Ouch, that put a damper on my excitement!  He couldn’t get ahold of the other guy and assumed he was on vacation.  He promised to keep trying and would call us by the end of the week with a time to meet the concrete people at least.  Back to waiting….

This adventure has taught me to be flexible.  I’ve learned that plans can and normally do change.  I’ve also learned to be patient.  Ok, I’m trying to learn to be patient!  Honest, I’m trying!

The next evening he called to say that the concrete guy he was trying to get ahold of was in fact on vacation and would be back in town on Saturday.  Scott planned to meet him out there late Saturday and if all went well they were going to squeeze in our job late the following week.

Friday night, Scott called and asked if we could meet him at the farm at 7:00am the next morning.  Jim agreed and he met with Scott and the concrete guy to discuss the particulars.  The rain had delayed him so it would likely be about 2 weeks before he got to us.  But…we were on the schedule!!!!  This was finally getting real!  We were going to have the foundation and floor to our house in a few weeks!



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