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The Well-Part 2

Drilling the well went perfectly.  Too perfectly.  Where was the Carter Crazy story?  I should’ve known something wasn’t right!  Well, come to find out the price we paid to have the well drilled wasn’t the total price.  Jim knew this but, I, somehow did not.  Nope.  I thought the extra low price we paid for the well guy included the pump and all the fixings to make it operational.  Apparently not…

Jim had gotten the price and decided that a friend of his could do that last part for a lot cheaper.  I didn’t get that memo!  Or maybe it was lost in the depths of my mind as Jim says.  Regardless, I was already making plans as to what to do with the extra money we had budgeted for the well.

We had paid the well guy a price by the foot to drill the well.  I had calculated that amount in my mind so many times while he was drilling for water.   When he hit water, I knew immediately how much we owed him and how much money we had saved to use for something else.  Something else like, putting that money toward building our house maybe?  Just a thought!  That thought didn’t last long though.  Not long after the well guy left, I told Jim the exact amount we had saved and he looked at me like I had grown 3 heads!  Whoa!  He laughed and asked if I was joking and then realized I was serious.  Time froze as he tried to quickly figure out a way to diffuse the bomb, aka ME!

He explained that we still had to pay to have the well pump and the electricity ran to the well.  Wait, what?!?!?  I tend to be a very emotional person and I think I went through ALL my emotions in about 2 seconds that day.  Sheer happiness to utter disappointment in 2 seconds flat!  I am not exaggerating either.  I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Jim assured me that we were still saving money and coming in under budget.  Just not as much under budget as I had calculated in my tiny little pea brain.  If I’ve learned anything though this adventure it’s to step back, say a little prayer, take a deep breath and make a new plan.  So that’s what I did.  Jim was already a step ahead of me.  I love that man!  He had already called Joe to come finish the well.  Honestly, I think he was hoping I would stop crying if I knew someone else was on the way over!  Saint Jim again dealing with a emotional time bomb for a wife.  Poor Jim (big sigh).

Joe showed up later that day to measure a few things and mark the septic system.  And, Yes, I had stopped crying by then.  So, anyway, Jim and Joe had decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and put in the septic system at the same time.  BIG Gulp and maybe a small heart attack!!  I was ready to get this ball rolling, but this seemed like a lot to me.  The well, the septic and the power- all in less than 2 weeks?!?  Deep breath.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Ok, I’m alright now.  We had the money in savings and it would actually cost less to do both at the same time, so why not?  So we did both.

The weather didn’t exactly cooperate with Joe and he wasn’t able to get back out there for almost a week.  Then he swooped in like a hurricane and installed the septic system in a day.

Ok, for those who don’t know…This is your septic tank.  Your empty, clean, before use, septic tank.  (You can thank me now for not putting in a picture of a used septic tank as Jim suggested for a comparison!)  As Jim so eloquently explains to our kids-this is where all your pee and poop goes.  Enough said…

Another view of the septic tank.  It’s really amazing how large septic tanks are.  Jim says it’s because every one is so full of it.  Sorry, that’s a Jim joke!  After being married to that man for almost 20 years his warped sense of humor has rubbed off on me!

Ok, this is your distribution box or D-box.  This evenly splits up the liquid waste into your drainfield lines.  Jim must be beaming at my knowledge of septic systems right now!


This picture shows the pipes coming from the septic tank into the D-box and then out to the drainfield lines.  Just nifty!  

These are the drainfield lines that extend into your yard.  Just fascinating, right?

This is actually the drainfield lines before they were buried in the ground.  I know this probably isn’t that interesting but I took the pictures so I might as well share them with you.  Ha!

Just another picture showing the drainfield lines being installed.  Just bear with me, I’m almost done with the crappy photos!  Sorry-another Jim joke!

Another picture that shows how long the drainfield lines really are.  I will refrain from making another Jim joke here!

Jim and I met Joe out there late that afternoon and he showed us his great work.  He received the inspection the next morning while he was installing the well pump.  I wish I had been out there to watch Joe install the well pump and all that it entails, but I missed it.  By the time I got out there he had it all finished and covered up.  That man is a jack of all trades though!  Thanks to him we have now passed 3 inspections: the power pole, the well, and the septic!  We are on a roll!

Joe finished installing the well pump, pipes and ran all the electricity.  We had a working well!

Before you can cover up your septic/drainfield system you have to have an inspection of all the lines.  And it passed!

After the inspection, you can cover it all up.  Jim and Camden were trying to help cover the drainfield lines before a heavy rain.  Whew, Jim looks like he is working hard.  I must’ve been taking a break…Oh, wait!  I was taking pictures.  Yep, that’s what I was doing!

Jim and the kids were all working to smooth out the ground covering the septic system.  Boy, that Jim is a hard worker!  The kids must’ve been taking a quick break….

Then the kids found a frog that was buried in the dirt and their work was done for the day.  They had to take care of the frog in case Jim buried him again.  And yes, we did explain to them that frogs do bury themselves in dirt, but taking care of a frog is obviously more fun than smoothing dirt.  So… the frog received care whether he wanted it or not.

They loved on this frog for hours.  They even named him Mr. Hop -Along.  I don’t think the frog minded the attention too much?!?!  I did draw the line at letting the kids bring Mr. Hop-Along home.  Our dog tries to eat frogs and then vomits and  drools profusely for several hours.  So, Mr. Hop-Along got a reprieve from going home with us.  I think he is probably still thanking me!

This is our finished and inspected septic system all smoothed out. 


We now have a functioning septic system, running water and electricity!!  We’ve come a long way baby!

Pop Quiz!! Do you know what the Crazy Carter’s do with a septic system after it’s installed?

We plant sunflowers on top of the drainfield!

Jim was not amused at this and I still don’t know why!?!?!?!  I think he’s just disappointed that I came up with a funny idea for a septic joke before he did!

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