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The Beginning

Country girl + Beach boy + Land= Beginning Farmer story.  Isn’t that how it always happens?  No?  Oh, yeah, sorry.  I forgot to add the rest.

Country girl + Beach boy+ Land+ 3 kids + church + running a business + homeschooling + real life + more real life + more and more real life = CHAOS.  Yeah.  That’s closer to the real answer.  I love it though.  Ok, most days I love it.  Well, I love my faith, my husband, my kids and my animals but not the chaos.  I do not love all the chaos that comes with the package deal!  I love simple.  Simple is not our story right now though.  And that not so simple life and all the chaos that it involves is how we get to the beginning farmer part of our story.

My husband, Jim, is from Florida and grew up on the beach.  He literally lived a few blocks from the ocean and spent all his time there.  He loved the beach as a boy and he still does.  His parents moved around as he got older and they eventually ended up here in WNC.  His childhood didn’t exactly groom him to become a farmer but I guess stranger things have happened.

I grew up on farms and I loved it.  I LOVED IT.  I loved every minute of it.  I loved the early mornings, the hot summer days, the cold nights, the hard work, the smell of manure, the smell of the animals, the animals themselves.  Yes, I’ve always loved the animals.  And I still do.  So, we decided to start a farm of our own.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Sounds like a simple plan, right?  Not so much….

Established farms are expensive people.  Ridiculously expensive.  Out of our reach expensive.  The death of our dreams expensive.  Even small farms are expensive.

So, we found some land.  Some completely wooded land, with no pastures or fencing.  Not much of a farm at all really, but we could afford it.  We saw potential and we had ideas and dreams and a completed vision of what the land could become.  What did we do?

We took the plunge and bought the land.  We bought 103 acres of woods and creeks and dreams!  And that’s when all the fun began!!


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